Walnut Chicken Masala | Spicy Chicken Curry | Chicken Gravy | Chicken Recipe | Walnut Recipes

Walnut Chicken Masala | Chicken Curry | Chicken Gravy | Chicken Recipe | Easy Chicken Recipes | Walnut Recipes | Chicken Curry Recipe

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To Make Masala Mix
Walnut – 1/2 Cup
Peppercorn – 1 Tbsp (Buy:
Cinnamon (Buy:
Chilli Flakes – 1 Tbsp (Buy:

To Make Walnut Chicken Masala
Chicken – 1/2 Kg
Oil – 2 Tbsp (Buy:
Onion – 2 Nos Chopped
Pound Ginger & Garlic
Tomato – 4 Nos Chopped
Salt (Buy:
Water – 2 Cups
Ground Walnut Masala Mix
Chopped Coriander Leaves

To make the masala powder.
1.Take a pan, and add pepper corns and cinnamon and roast for a minute.
2. Now add the chilli flakes and turn off the stove.
3.Transfer to a plate and keep it aside.
4. To the same pan, add walnuts and roast for 2 mins on medium flame.
5. Let the masala cool and grind it to a fine powder.

To make the chicken masala.
1. To a pan add oil, add onion and saute until golden brown in color.
2. To this add pound ginger garlic. and saute.
3. Now add tomatoes and cook until mushy.
4. Add the salt and continue to saute.
5. Add the chicken pieces and mix it with the onion tomato masala.
6. Pour water to the mixture. Cover and cook for 10 mins.
7. Once the chicken is half cooked, add the ground walnut masala and mix it.
8. To dilute the gravy, add water. Check for seasoning at this point.
9. Cover and cook for another 15 mins on medium flame.
10. After 15 mins, the gravy has thicken and oil is separated.
11. Now add the coriander leaves and serve it hot.

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